Building . Connecting . Transforming
The Zephaniah Owidi Odongo (ZOO) Memorial Foundation is inspired by the life of Zephaniah Odongo Owidi who:
Grew up in extreme poverty in rural Kenya
Through education, dedication and the good will of others supporting his determination, overcame serious adversity, excelled in his scholarship
Became a Distinguished Electronic Engineer who contributed significantly to the Kenyan telecom industry and performed activities supported by this organization
Believed and demonstrated that education really is the key out of poverty, and that technology bridges the world.
We carry on his vision. 
We are non profit. We build information communication technology centres to connect and transform communities. We provide access to information communication technology in rural and underserved areas in Kenya.
We are on a MISSION to...
Enable access to information communication technology and scholarship through the provision of computers, internet services and facilitation of computer literacy training to schools, community based organizations and youth groups in Kenya.
. Equity   . Partnership   . Sponsorship   . Integrity   . Volunteering
We build information communication technology centres which connect people and transform communities. Our activities can be summarised simply as below:

1. We partner with supporting organizations 

2. We collaborate with learning institutions, community organizations and women organizations

3. We establish Information Communication Technology (ICT) Centres

4. We enable to acess information communication technology

5. We facilitate computer literacy training

6. We promote gender equity by ensuring women have access to information communication technology


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What We Do
Set Up ICT Centres
The Foundation establishes Information Communication Technology (ICT) centres by equipping beneficiary organizations with computers and internet connectivity
We provide and facilitate computer literacy training to ICT centre administrators and members of the community
Creating Awareness
Societies around beneficiary centres are encouraged to participate in ICT activities such as using message boards, chat rooms and email
Sensitizing local companies and organizations on the importance and participation in digital revolution in Kenya
In order to provide access to information communication technology (ICT) and facilitate computer literacy training, the Foundation undertakes the below activities.
1. Secure sponsorships from organizations 
2. Partner with learning institutions and community organizations
3. Set up ICT Centres by providing computers to organizations in (2) above
4. Train the trainers to in turn train the community 
5. Monitor usage of the ICT Centres
Our programs are aimed at different demographics. Currently, our beneficiaries range in age from 3 year olds to 65 year olds. 
We work with learning institutions and community organizations. These may include but are not limited to the following:
Primary Schools 
. Secondary Schools 
. Vocational Training Institutions 
. Women Organizations 
. Community Centres
. Community Based Organizations
. Youth Groups
The Foundation openly receives beneficiary requests.

What We Aim To Achieve


. 50:50 Men to Women Technology Users  

 . 100 Daily Users Per Centre  

   . 1000 Persons Trained Yearly    

. 100% Self Sustainable ICT Centres



What The Community Gets

ACCESSible areas for the community to utilise information communication technology

Opportunities for EXPOSURE and encourage repeat visits to the centres enabling worldwide interactions

Affordable TRAINING in efforts to increase computer literacy in underserved and rural areas

Strong NETWORK of people with similar interests allowing for exchange of information for development

Get Involved
As an organization driven by the mission of community empowerment, The ZOO Memorial Foundation works with and is open to working with a multitude of partners.
We invite you to join us in our mission and welcome sponsorships, grants and other forms of support.
Partners of the Foundation will have increased opportunities for business development and brand association.
The Foundation will increase visibility of partner organizations and create awareness of partner brands through its activities.
We would love to hear from you! 

Contact Us

The Foundation openly receives beneficiary requests.
Be a legally registered entity
Have an ICT agenda or objective at the forefront of your partnership interest
Have a readily available computer room for dissemination of services
Have been in operation for at least one year
Tell Us Who You Are
Send us a detailed profile of your organization. We want to know who you are, what you do and how you do it.
Send Us Your Plan
We would like to know how you would use your new computer centre and how it contributes to your existing and future organizational objectives. 
The ZOO Memorial Foundation welcomes volunteers from all over the world!
We offer opportunities to raise awareness, support community issues, train individuals, develop skills, face challenges, experience different cultures, meet new people and make new friends.
If you are interested in an internship or volunteering with the Foundation we would love to hear from you!
Please send us a cover letter and your C.V. or Résumé via e-mail to