Rural ICT Project

The Rural ICT Project is aimed at learning institutions and community organizations in rural or out-of-town areas with limited or no access to computer facilities. 

Identified beneficiary organizations must have active community engagement. These organizations serve different demographics such as preschool children, primary and secondary school children, young adults, women and men. 

Currently, our beneficiaries range in age from as young as 3 year olds to 65 year olds. 

Our programs are located in different parts of the country.


The ICT Centres are managed by the beneficiary organizations and used to enhance their main activities.

Surrounding communities have access to these centres and their services which include computer literacy training, internet browsing and other complementary services such as printing, photocopying and phone charging. 

Revenues generated from these centres are used by the beneficiary organizations for maintenance, sustainability and other needs.

The Foundation monitors the usage of the ICT Centres.



Institutional and organizational beneficiaries of the The Rural ICT project:

. ACK Emmanuel Karuri

. Dr. Robert Ouko Primary School / Ouko Community Initiatives

. Eng. ZOO Memorial Foundation Community Computer Centre

. Golden Girls Foundation

. Kibera Community Development Agenda (KCODA)

. Pillars of Kibera (POK) Youth Group

. St. Boniface Magare Secondary School

Women In Sustainable Enterprises (WISE)

Mobile ICT Project


The Mobile ICT Project is a moveable custom built computer centre. Key highlights:

. New modern approach to traditional computer centres

Services of a traditional ICT Centre offered to the public in a mobile unit

Increased accessibility and reach of ICT Centres in underserved areas

Multi-functional mobile unit

Revenue generating activity to support the activities of the Foundation


The mobile unit operates as ZOO Mobile and is based mainly in Kisumu with the objective to reach communities in the western parts of Kenya.

The mobile unit has three automated panels designated for sponsor and client advertising providing special visibility for partnering organizations.

The public is charged a subsidised fee to access services offered in the mobile unit such as internet, printing and photocopying. Various community programs are complimentary.




Support our innovative Mobile ICT Centre, ZOO Mobile by:


Advertising on our vehicle

Sponsoring a vehicle for a mobile unit

ZOO Mobile

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Partner Projects

We are collective of people passionate about ordinary people doing extraordinary things and creating the places where they connect.  

Our expertise includes community leadership building, creative direction, art production, architecture, public health and regional planning, and governance building.

We are still in inception phase and developing and testing a range prototypes. We welcome interest, conversations and partners! 



A new cultural production lab focused on invigorating public spaces and building collective responsibility for our shared places. 

Its mission is to inspire tangible and personal responsibility for public spaces, culture and the environment. 

We develop and transform public spaces through design, leadership inspiration and regional planning.

Through intersecting expertise in creative industry, architecture, leadership, governance, public health and regional planning, we reimagine public places and nurture the stewardship of shared cultural, social, territorial and economic bounty. 



Your contribution will help create safer, more cohesive and pluralistic neighbourhoods.

When you invest in projects like Colour in Faith, regular neighbours become agents of solidarity.

Whether it is by participating in a gesture that resolves their unconscious biases or creating spaces where people connect, the change makes the world one we love.

If you would like to send a check, please feel free to mail your donation to: P.O. Box 18011 - 00500, Nairobi, Kenya

The ZOO Memorial Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions to inCOMMONS are tax deductible.

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