We set up
computer centres
& train communities
how to use technology.

Our goal is to bridge the digital & digital-gender divide.
We are on a MISSION to provide computers and computer literacy training to rural and underserved areas in Kenya. We connect and transform communities by enabling access to digital technology.

. Equity
. Integrity
. Sponsorship

Dedicated Spaces
for women to encourage them to
discover technology in inclusive environments

We work with local grassroots organisations, women initiatives and learning institutions in rural and under-served areas.

We set up community computer centres by providing computer equipment to collaborating organisations.

We develop trainers by equipping members with computer skills and empowering them to train others.

We provide technical, material and managerial support to collaborating organisations.
Rural project

Rural Project

Rural Project

Focuses on establishing computer centres in learning institutions and community based organisations in rural or out-of-town areas with limited or no access to computer facilities.

Women centre

Sera, Women & Girls Project

Sera, Women & Girls Project

Girls and women-focused computer centres which provide free, comfortable and conducive environments where women and girls can learn how to use technology.

ZOO Mobile

Mobile Project

Mobile Project

An innovative moveable computer centre and our modern approach to traditional computer centres. Computer courses are provided at different locations to increase accessibility.

Children on computers

Children Program

Children Program

Computer training workshops where we teach children how to use computers. They learn while playing games, read eBooks and use eLearning programs for their schoolwork.




Our projects train children, women and men how to use technology. We give them practical know-how of basic computer packages and internet usage for daily life and skills for employability.

In commons

inCOMMONS, Partner Project

inCOMMONS, Partner Project

A collective of people passionate about ordinary people doing extraordinary things and creating the places where they connect. Contributions to inCOMMONS are tax-deductible.

We love the environment. We are eWaste compliant. We are green.


We are a small organisation with strong values and a growing network of like-minded individuals committed to bridging the growing digital divide. Partnerships are critical to our success.


We welcome volunteers from all over the world and offer opportunities to raise awareness, support community issues, train individuals, develop skills, experience different cultures and make new friends.


We openly receive beneficiary requests. Interested initiatives must be legally registered; in operation for at least one year with a forefront ICT agenda; and a readily available computer room for the dissemination of services.

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We Believe
technology bridges the world

rural areas since 2008.
We've gotten better at it.


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