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Where We Work

Road to Nyakoko October, 2018
Muddy road

This is where we work.

Nyakoko Secondary School is our newest and largest beneficiary centre to date with 40 computers. This picture of the road leading to the school was taken on the day of the official launch of the information communication technology centre in May 2018.

The school has 505 students, 37% are girls.The first women -focused computer centre we established in 2015, is located in the same village.

Communities we serve are marginalised. They have limited or no access to computers, and are located in rural areas.

These are the roads we tread as we navigate rural Kenyan areas with technology.


Dr. Robert Ouko Primary School, Koru, Kenya May, 2018

How we Learn!

The Dr. Robert Ouko Primary School Information Communication Technology (ICT) Centre was established in May, 2016. In 2018, we launched an eLearning platform at the school.

Teachers at the school received training on the platform in addition to introductory computer skills training. The ZOO Memorial Foundation provides basic level computer training to its beneficiaries. We teach them how to hold a mouse, how to save documents and how to turn a computer on and off. This is often easier when the computers are applied to the learner’s interests. This time, the teachers got to experience what it feels like to be a student. As part of the training, the platform assessed them on their coursework. Like their students, some of our learners were not too happy with the results.

The eLearning platform is curriculum based and can be used complementary to regular learning by students and teachers. Students have individualised login credentials and use the platform for personalised learning. We can identify each student's weaknesses and track their progress intelligently.

Lake Victoria beach

Women's Computer Centre at WISE

View of Lake Victoria at Dunga Beach where we established a computer centre in May 2017 in partnership with Women In Sustainable Enterprise, WISE.
The WISE centre serves women from marginalized wetland areas.

Panoramic room

What 40 Looks Like

Nyakoko Secondary School information communication technology, ICT centre.


  • CRT computer monitors
    The First 100
    CRT computer monitors

    Our first 100 computers from a charity computer drive in Massachusetts, US in 2009. Since then we have doubled in numbers and source computers independently.

  • DROPS Computer room
    Computer Center
    DROPS Computer room

    Dr. Robert Ouko Primary School (DROPS) computer centre established May, 2016. Students and teachers at the school receive computer training and use the eLearning program.

  • WISE Computer room
    Women Computer Centre
    WISE Computer room

    Women In Sustainable Enterprise -WISE- computer center established May, 2017 serves marginalised women and girls from wetland areas.

  • ZOO Truck
    ZOO Mobile
    Mobile Computer Center
    ZOO Truck

    The ZOO Memorial Foundation's mobile computer center enables the Foundation to reach multiple locations in its endeavour to make technology available and provide basic computer training to all.


June addressing crowd

Teachers training

Man talking

Team selfie


Throwback... June Odongo speaking at the Foundation's launch<br> at St. Boniface Magare Secondary School in May, 2010
Teachers from Dr. Robert Ouko Primmary School (DROPS)<br> after completing training on eLearning platform used by students at the school
The Bishop and Principal of Nyakoko Secondary School<br> among others at the 40 Computer Centre Launch in May, 2018.
The Team:<br> ZOO Memorial Foundation's Nelly Odongo & June Odongo with DellEMC's Cathy Galecki


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