Our work has never been more important.
We are equipping our computer centres with laptops, webcams and headsets to support and enable distance instruction. Local area students have access to our e-learning program via mobile phones as schools remain closed. Help us equip villages with computers and internet connectivity. Enable access to information and communication.

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Rural Programs

We work in rural, underserved and isolated Kenyan communities

Technology is our tool for

Education | Skills Empowerment | Promoting Gender Equity
Community Development | Rural Development | Economic Development

Sera | Women & Girls Project

We are firm believers and advocates for the power and role that women have in the world. We work with grassroots women initiatives which engage and are formed by women who live and work in the communities we serve. These centres ensure that women can access technology and information to improve their lives, their families and society. Through our Sera Program, we provide an environment that is free, friendly, comfortable and conducive for learning and sharing of ideas.

Women Program | Women In Sustainable Enterprise, WISE
Women Program | Golden Girls Foundation

Learning Institutions | Children Program

Our beneficiaries range in age from 3-year-olds to 65-year-olds. We work with learning institutions which may include but are not limited to Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Vocational Training Institutions. We utilise curriculum-based e-learning platforms, e-books and educative games for our children program.

Children Program | Dr.Robert Ouko Primary School Computer Room
Learning Institutions | Nyakoko Secondary School ICT Centre

How We Do STEM

Our computer centres provide basic computer skills training. We train users on how to power machines on and off, how to use word processors and how to hold a computer mouse. We expose students to careers in technology and train administrators on how to operate the computer centres as businesses. We provide the foundation for advanced technology training such as coding and web development.

STEM | ZOO Mobile Basic Skills Training
STEM | WISE Kids & Teens Coding Bootcamp

Mobile Project | ZOO Mobile

ZOO Mobile is an innovative moveable computer centre. It is custom-built on a vehicle; equipped with laptops, a photocopy printer and wi-fi connectivity. The mobile centre primarily serves children enrolled in remote schools. Our trainers and volunteers develop and administer computer literacy workshops.

Mobile Project | Mobile class in progress
Mobile Project | ZOO Mobile graduating class with self-printed certificates

Get Involved. Join Us.


Join our growing network of like-minded individuals. Become a partner by sponsoring a computer centre, supporting our programs or starting a fundraiser.


We will match your skills, interests and expertise to our programs. Please reach out to us on vacancies, internships or pro-bono services.


We want to know who you are, what you do and how you do it. Tell us how you will use your new computer centre and how it contributes to your organisational objectives.